Today we launched our annual Verge 50 list, which features the most important, exciting, and innovative people on the planet as chosen by the staff here at The Verge. It's our way to call out to highlight people who changed our lives this year. These are the designers and hackers, musicians and scientists, artists and activists, and so much more that you should be watching.

Choose your favorite one — and only one — of the top 10 below:

Closed Poll
Who do you think should be number one?
  • Jeff Bezos 12%|305 votes
  • Neil DeGrasse Tyson 10%|255 votes
  • Daniel Ek 1%|20 votes
  • Tavi Gevinson 1%|21 votes
  • Glenn Greenwald 9%|226 votes
  • Zaha Hadid 1%|25 votes
  • Marissa Mayer 5%|128 votes
  • Elon Musk 59%|1557 votes
  • Markus "Notch" Persson 3%|79 votes
  • Anne Wojcicki 1%|20 votes

This poll is closed