Successfully trade-in Surface Pro 1 for a gen 2? (faulty or not)

Has anyone tried to do this with any success? And if so how did you go about it? I was one of those people that bought my Surface Pro gen one within a month after release. So seeing the 2 come out only half a year later really pissed me off. The battery life for me has been a hit or miss. And I really could use that extra 1-2 hours that Haswell offers.

Also, after receiving my first SP1, I discovered a dead pixel. RMA'd it, got a new one WITH an entire new box including pen and charger. Had minor light bleed, but was usable. Eventually it developed the yellow screen burn on the right side. Took it to a Microsoft kiosk/store. They replaced it, and gave me a new one. AGAIN with a new charger and another pen. Now I have 3 chargers and pens lol.

So, what about it? Anyone?