I wish the PS4 Install Process was more like the Xbox One's version.

'Installs are too long'

You know, i'm shocked people are calling this as a negative for the Xbox One. I desperately wish my PS4 had those long installs if only for it to bring the advantage that the Xbox One's solution has over the PS4.

Basically, the Xbox One installs slowly because it's pretty much copying everything the game needs to run. With an Xbox One, you can borrow a game from a friend, copy it to your hdd, return it back and simply pay for the license to have the game as a digital solution. Or you buy a game, copy it and sell back for a little loss...which is well worth it for the convenience of discless play.

I don't have the Xbox One (yet), I have a PS4. I hate having to swap discs but at a 17GB per month data cap, I cannot afford to download any AAA game from PSN. I wish I could copy my COD Ghosts and just pay money to convert it to full digital. I would love to go fully digital, if only to keep my 1 year old baby from ruining my discs :)

tl;dr: There's a reason why the Xbox One install takes time. I'd trade the quicker install time of the PS4 for the ability to convert copied games to digital versions without long downloads. 30+ mins wait isn't a dealbreaker and the advantages are immense.