PSN Sucks!

Ideally, I want to use one 1 username only as my ID to play games, collect my trophies, and build a history of online purchases.

Due the way PSN accounts are designed ie usernames are locked to countries and countries can't be changed and physical content purchased from one country are not compatible with DLC content online from a different region. Because I travel, I have to have different PSN accounts with different IDs and segregate my entire playstation gaming experience across a few IDs ie games, trophies, purchases.

I guess you can download content from one PSN ID and play it on another within the same console, but with NDRM being enforced more and more - your mileage may vary. Sony really wants you to only do things their way so they can maximize their profits, its just more obvious than any other company. Also why are digital copies so much more pricey than physical ones - that makes no sense at all.

Compare this to how an Apple ID works, or Google Account or even Steam where you can change the Country at anytime and still have your log accessible to you.

Why can't Sony be more like this? Maybe if they did, they would have been a very different company today and probably doing better with their revenue and stock. I have gotten refunds and gotten better service from companies like Apple and Google on purchases from 30 to 300 dollars for legit reasons, but the same thing I have never experienced with Sony - they just don't give a eff.

Enough that backward compatibility is non existent, when your existing console dies and you can't find a replacement you have nothing to show for. I guess how ever you slice it, console gaming is really a waste of money, thus a subscription service like PSN Plus and XboX Live would make more sense to get more bang for that buck than actually buying games at full price; alternatively you can get physical second hands dirt cheap from private sellers and sell your entire system to recoup some money out of it; I guess this what people have been doing and so have I.

PC gaming is looking more and more attractive to me, especially when that gaming rig is also your main computer and central entertainment - there is just more value to it on the long run. Console gaming is convenient though but its appeal seems fading away for me more so when I have completed my favorite franchise GOW - what ever that comes after this would just be a reboot or an extension that won't hold up to the formers glory ie Ascension was the start of that.

Since I don't have much experience with XboX Live and Steam, tell me how are things on your side?