Is the Moto X better than the Nexus 4?

Hey all.

I love my Nexus 4 to bits; the camera is a non issue as I don't take pictures at all. However, the 16 GB space is beginning to annoy me so I'm considering switching it for a 32 GB Moto X.

I am not considering the Nexus 5 because my Nexus 4 is too big as it is and I'm not willing to go up to the Nexus 5. The 4 is my limit.

Speed: I don't know much about processors; I however know this much: The Moto X is dual core and the Nexus 4 is quad core. I also know the Moto X sports a newer generation CPU or GPU or something; I dunno. What I care about is speed, so is the Nexus 4 faster than the Moto X?

Camera: I already mentioned I don't take pictures, but it would be nice to know which has the better camera.

Screen: Since they both have the same resolution, this is more of an AMOLED vs. LCD thing. The last AMOLED display I used is the Galaxy Nexus' which I find atrocious compared to the Nexus 4. Is the Moto X's screen in the same league as the Galaxy Nexus, or is it better? If it is just as good as the Nexus 4, I really do not mind.

That's about it; the 3 main categories I care about. So help me out pretty please?