Best camera for Middle School yearbook....?

Hi All,

Sorry to post another "what should I get" thread, but I'm a yearbook coordinator for a middle school in the Phoenix area. I'm a PE teacher by trade, so I have no experience with photography other than my smartphones and an old point & shoot that had a whopping 1mp!!

My hope is that you photography enthusiasts and pros can suggest a good quality camera that my kids can use to take pictures at different events. Obviously there will be action shots for sports and low-lighting for different performances, and it would need to be simple and rather forgiving of amateur shots. Lastly, we would like something that did not need to change lenses, but had the option to later on if we can get a photography club going with a proper teacher/sponsor.

Our budget is in the 300-500 range, but lower costs are always better. Is our ideal camera out there? What do you guys think? I know you can come up with something awesome!!