Google is so unreasonably inefficient at times with nexus devices.

I have a nexus S and a nexus 4 and a couple of things about them are just downright absurd.

I'll start with the nexus S. It has in my personal experience the best audio hardware in a smartphone that there is. However its absolutely not that good out of the box with all stock setup. You have to root the device and install an app to transform the phone from a great music player to an absolutely fantastic one. What are the drawbacks of this you ask? Absolutely none and its just mind boggling why Google would intentionally limit the capabilities of the hardware. Why has it never updated the nexus S audio software?

Next up is the ram issue of the nexus S. Out of the box it has around 330 MB ram and that is a seriously crippling amount these days. The phone will frequently freeze and crash as its always running out of ram. However custom kernels provide around 390 MB with absolutely no drawback at all so why would't Google update the stock kernel to give more ram? The extra 60 MB makes a mammoth difference in the experience of the phone.

Now let's come to the nexus 4 and this issue is something most people would be aware of I think. Apart from the viewing angles the nexus 4 has a fantastic screen. However that isn't actually the case with how the "stock" screen is. The colors that you get out of the box are just really average and even the LCD of my nexus S has far better colors out of the box(yes I have the LCD version not the AMOLED one so don't think I am confusing AMOLED colors with LCD). Now if you install a custom kernel then you can customize the screen into something that is really really good. Again I am left baffled as to why Google would't update the software so the screen would look like that out of the box?

Don't give me this "nexus is a developer phone". The nexus IS a consumer device and the recent pricing strategy only reaffirms that thing. So can anyone give any reasonable argument for why Google doesn't fix stuff in the nexus devices that is so obvious to fix?