Microsoft to move away from metro?

Even more interesting than that, though, is what he says is planned for the UI: no more Metro. He doesn’t offer much of an idea for what it would change into, but is adamant that Microsoft has another look in mind for WP9 that Metro isn’t a part of.

Well, huh. It’s intriguing, obviously, but those Live Tiles are such a fundamental part of Windows Phone’s identity, that we struggle to make sense of how the platform would function without them. Would such a drastic shift also mean breaking app compatibility with WP8? Admittedly, we’re incredibly skeptical, but we’ll be keeping our ears open to see if anything else comes of this.

What are your thoughts on this? Personally I'm all for it, in not a fan of the metro ui even, I would like something similar to android ui but with live tiles and metro flare.

I also think this would be a good move as the public in general hasn't really been on board with the ui change since launch so this may help them out and get more people on board.