Need help choosing a new phone

I'm a OSX fanboy(proud owner of a 2012 2.3Ghz rMBP and a 2013 27" iMac). However, when it comes to phones, I've always been an android person-I had an XPERIA X10(that came running Android 1.6 Donut), Samsung Galaxy Ace and finally, a HTC One X. I'm a serial ROM flasher and have sometimes been frustrated by the imbalance of features in android(there's way too many trade-offs with performance, battery life etc. IMO). I bit the bullet with iOS last year and bought an iPad4(used as a family tablet). I'm really considering buying an iPhone 5S, considering it's almost been 2 years and the HOX is getting a little dated. Do you guys think I should make the switch? I mainly do dev work(I've recently started out as an iOS dev at a college startup), and mostly use my phone for calls, whatsapp/SMS and music. Should I make the switch? Has anyone else made the leap from Android to iOS? Please share your experiences