Photosynth 3D to be used in Bing Search & Maps via crowd-sourced data: Confirmation

David Gedye:

"At Microsoft, we’ve long had a goal of documenting the important places in the world and sharing them on Bing," he said in a phone interview, referring to the company’s search engine. "We don’t need to drive trucks or employ people to capture the world, we can work with enthusiasts who take these pictures" and then stitch them all together in a highly immersive way."

"It’s about giving this power to Bing to make it a place where things are really presented beautifully and in a place where it’s immersive and interactive," he said. People can also use the updated software to document their own objects or places that can be embedded on a personal website.

Mr. Gedye said that adding these images to Microsoft’s search features, including Bing search and its mapping software, makes a more compelling offering for users who are searching through Microsoft products. Full article:

It was highly speculated upon, or hoped that this would be the ending destination of this latest iteration of this intuitive photo-stitching technology. Actual confirmation from MS however allays my concern. (as this would certainly not be the first software or hardware tech application showing promise or innovation to disappear onto the shelves of MS R&D, or worse yet poorly implemented) It must also be noted that an earlier version of Photosynth was integrated into Bing utilizing crowd-sourcing back in 2009, but yielded no traction. I believe this was due to the immaturity of both the photo enthusiast applications, as well as the crowd-sourced data paradigm. In the last 4, soon to be 5 years both have since grown exponentially. (Pinterest, Instagram, Waze, etc.) Photosynth 3D staying platform agnostic is also key to capitalizing on the massive userbase of both IOS & Android.

Additionally within this aforementioned time frame, Bing has made massive improvements as a search engine & mapping platform. (especially within 8.1) I know that Navteq is a part of its core, but its supplemented greatly by high-res aerial & satellite imagery provided by Microsoft. The Bing Preview Maps, 3rd party app integration, & now Photosynth 3D on an essentially closed ecosystem on the world's largest OS? Yes between WP, RT, & 8.1 Google has essentially refused to provide any optimal integration of their suite of applications. Whether it be the refusal to create official GMaps, GDrive, & YouTube apps on WP, to Chrome not being optimized whatsoever for touch nor the modern UI.

With the continual progress MS is making with Bing as both a search & mapping engine, in the near future consumers may not miss Google's services at all. Bing Maps is obviously not ready to supplant Google Maps yet, (esp in European territories) but MS is striving for some form of parity & have already reached it on the search side imo. But this is a huge step alongside the Preview Maps of what we can expect.