Two years ago, Samsung’s Series 9 represented a sea change. It was one of the lightest, thinnest, best-looking laptops ever made, and Samsung made it powerful too. It was the first ultrabook to be both really beautiful and really good, to prove that Apple hadn’t discovered and hidden some magical formula. But it was also riddled with first-generation problems and a massive price tag. Still, it proved something, and the entire industry took notice.

Two years later, and everything’s changed but Samsung. Ultrabooks — now long-lasting, powerful, thin, and often downright affordable — are everywhere, and many manufacturers are already looking for the next big, twisting, shape-shifting thing. Samsung, on the other hand, has come back with a new name, a new product, and a new vision for how impressive a slim laptop can really be.

The Ativ Book 9 Plus (really just an updated Series 9 with a somehow even clumsier name) is thin. It’s light. It’s powerful. It also has a spectacularly high-resolution screen, a number of apps and services that no other company offers, and the promise of once again not only competing with the MacBook Air and its ilk, but besting them at every turn. And while it’s still expensive, at $1,399.99, it’s at least stomachable this time.

Samsung’s made a habit of proving it can achieve things technologically that no one else can. That's how it took over the smartphone market, and laptops are next on the agenda.