Limitations of WP, who is lazy?

I guess I am an MS fanboi. I use a windows desktop, windows 2 in 1 and a windows phone (from day one). I also managed to convert my whole household to WP and this corruption is now spreading outside. I am really satisfied with WP and I find that all of the shortcomings don't outweigh the benefits (stability, fluidity, ease of use, beautiful UI).

That being said, I am well aware of those shortcomings. Especially in the app department in regards to background operation and fast resume. So I would like to know, is it the fault of MS and the lack of APIs, or is it developers fault?


- Phonly is a relatively nice Feedly client. But, if I open a link in IE, and than get back to Phonly, the app does not bring me back to where I was, but instead brings me to either an empty page, or the "all articles" page, and than I have to scroll aaaaall the way down to where I was. It's annoying. It seems to me Phonly has poorly implemented background operation and fast resume. How do some other feeldy apps work? Nextgen reader? Or is WP background operation just so limited?

- fitness tracking apps. I admit, I have not tested it in some time (it's really cold outside, and I was on a ship for the last 8 months), but I know before, apps like Sports Tracker and Endomodo had a lot of problems running in the background. For example, will a running app work in the background correctly if I get back to homescreen, or open music app, or get a call, or text?

- NFC. I still have not used this on WP, but is it possible to use all those nice-sounding options from android, like tags to go silent, turn on wifi, nightstand mode?

- Facebook app is really bad. Notifications are so inconsistent that I turn them off. But even if I do that, I still get them! Overall, toast notifications are really, really unreliable. They always come late. And they have the tendency to come in pack. For example, I use fbchat from within messaging app, and than 10 minutes later I get 25 notifications. And that's microsofts own application.