Good cases for the iPad Mini Retina?

What do you use for your iPad mini 2?

Many of those cases for the iPad mini Retina seem to be just the old iPad mini cases with "compatible with mini retina" slapped on.

I realize the difference in thickness is minimal but people still seem to report that they don't quite fit as snugly, or the cover doesn't close up 100%.

The perfect case seems to be the one made by Apple. It covers both front and back, the cover folds up like a smart cover and makes for a stand and also has a magnet for auto sleep/wake. Most importantly, it fits perfectly and doesn't add unnecessary bulk, it doesn't cover up the bezel and looks quite good, especially with those different colors. (Im liking the white-red or white-blue combination)

But then again its quite expensive.

It doesn't have to be leather, polyurethane or whatever its called is fine. There a few I liked but those seem to be US-based and the shipping to EU isn't worth it.

Any ideas?