Help me pick a phone for my friend

A little about my friend: He is tech illiterate. He's been using an iphone 4, did not upgrade to iOS 7, does not upgrade any of his apps from the app store, only uses his phone for browsing the internet, phone calls and messaging, email and facebook. Does not put music on his phone. Does not care about storage on the phone. Uses the camera but not picky about camera quality. He was impressed by the quality of a picture taken by a friend using a galaxy s4. Not willing to spend much on the phone. He does not own a computer or a tablet and does all his browsing on the phone. He has AT&T unlimited data, so not willing to swich.

We went to AT&T store. Three phones we liked are the Galaxy Note 3, Moto X and LG G2.

Galaxy Note 3: He likes this the most. He was mesmerized by the 'leather' back and the feature where you can use two apps side by side. Likes that there is an s-pen. Concerned whether it would fit in the pocket or if over time it would feel heavy like a brick in his pocket (even if it fits). Too expensive at 299. Hopes it would go on sale and willing to buy it at 199.

Moto X: Loves the colors, price (99), display, sound quality, touchless controls. Would be happy with it. I think this would be the easiest phone for him to understand and not get overwhelmed by features.

LG G2: Loved the Q slide and mini apps when I showed him that but doubt he would ever use them. He didn't seem to be as impressed with the screen compared to the galaxy note 3. (The AMOLED does pop in the store)

Because this is going to be his primary computer, I am thinking to go with the Note 3 (even though it kills me to recommend something with Touchwiz). What do you guys think?