Which android phone to buy?

Good afternoon googleplex,

My girlfriend is about to get a new android phone and she does not yet know which, but there are several expectations the phone has to live up to:

1) not Samsung - she owned a s-plus and afterwards the S3 and she detested both with real passion.

2) no glossy plastic back

3) the camera should be acceptable - no need for advanced features, but nice snapshots should be possible

4) the design should get out of the way, and not be seeking for attention

5) it has to be available in Europe. Off contract price should be somewhere between 300 and 450€.

6) One more Europe based thing: Moto X is sadly not an option...

7-10) Not a Samsung.

I feel like the nexus 5 could be the device for her, especially after the camera update (and now also a speaker + buttons update). I would greatly appreciate your thoughts on this device! Furthermore I hope, that this forum has some ideas for great phones!