Why I have decided to switch to Mac


Come on really? This is way to bland... I dont use Internet explorer and I hardly use metro apps.

In Windows 8.1 Microsoft is almost forcing me to use everything in there ecosystem. I am not planning on buying a Windows phone or an Xbox one. I don't use the Xbox store to play games I use Steam. Microsoft itself looks pretty doomed right now. I don't know anyone who uses a WIndows phone. The fact is about 95 percent of the people I see use an iPhone. When I look at AppleI see ease of use. Apple has a better strategy then Microsoft. Apple is a corporation that is smart. I like the idea of living 5 minutes away from an Apple Store. Every app i have used on the App store also seems better then the Google play store. I still plan on using google products for about everything else. Should I completely switch to Apple? What are the advantages and disadvantages?