Legacy hotmail security controls are absurd

Just a quick rant. Ugh.

My Microsoft account is a hotmail account from years ago when I used msn. Yesterday I decided to enable 2 factor authentication on a bunch of services included that account. All the others went great, but this one is just ridiculous.

Apparently at some point I asked them to use another hotmail account as my recovery address. I can't log in as that account any more because its recovery is a security question - favourite fictional character. This account was presumably made years ago, before the one I use now, so I have no idea. I guessed and apparently I'm not allowed to do that because at some point in the past I've guessed too many times. That's the only recovery option on that account, so it's permanently locked and disabled. There's nothing on it and I don't care, but it's the only recovery option on the account I do use.

So, I can't confirm my account the Microsoft way. Fine. They give an option to use another email address, so I gave them my current gmail one. I wasn't exactly sure how they intended to verify the account using that, but I imagined it'd be a little bit smarter than click a link and then wait a month. Fine, I guess I'll wait a month and enable 2 factor authentication next year, the account's not that important.

Oh, nope. I can't log into the account any more at all because the process of resetting my security recovery stuff apparently needs to lock the account until it's finished. In a month.

Luckily there's not a lot on that account, and its emails are forwarded to an active gmail account too. It does have some Skype contacts though because apparently Microsoft can't merge a Skype and hotmail account in any sane manner.

Anyway, not a huge deal but this is seriously stupid. I assume a new Microsoft account has some sort of sane account recovery system, but if anybody's account is a converted ancient hotmail one or something, you may like to check your recovery options are sensible.