GDR3 Preview Updated to Latest Version - Cool Trick with Internet Sharing

I went ahead and installed the GDR3 Preview as teh version is now the shipping version, a few builds above what is on the 1520. I had been holding back to let teh dust settle, but now it is time to let her rip...

One of the key features I was looking forward to was the enabling of bluetooth-based always available internet sharing. Once you pair your phone to your computer, in this instance a Surface 2 used out and about on a regular basis, the wifi network SSID of your phone's internet sharing is present even when not "sharing". Select it and you will see your phone's bluetooth logo kick on for a brief moment followed by the internet sharing status icon. Disconnect after you get done surfing and the sharing connection will time out and disable.

You can read a bit about the update over at WPCentral.