Rank your favorite OS X releases!

A few months ago I came across another Apple Core post about ranking the iOS releases in terms of new features and I thought, "Why not for OS X?" So here it is. Rank your favorite OS X releases. I don't care if it's in terms of looks, functionality, or whatever. Just rank them.

I started using the Mac with Leopard, so I'll start there.

  1. Leopard (10.5) — The new features in Leopard are really nice. Spaces, stacks, and more: I don't know how I would have lived without them.
  2. Lion (10.7) — Although it brought a lot of bugs, Lion was really great. The new multitouch gestures are really nice. I am in love with Autosave and full screen apps and is the reason why I could buy a 13" MacBook Pro. Versions is really useful from a developer's standpoint. The iCloud integration is amazing. All around a cool release.
  3. Mavericks (10.9) — The performance improvements and longer battery life were well needed. The new apps are really nice and I love the tighter iCloud integration. Everything is a lot smoother, which is really nice.
  4. Mountain Lion (10.8) — There was a slight performance improvement and Safari became nicer but there wasn't really many new features. Messages is nice though and it was about time a reminders app came to OS X.
  5. Snow Leopard (10.6) — Although everyone loves Snow Leopard for some reason, I'm not much of a fan. There weren't really any changes besides performance improvements, which Mavericks did and more. Kind of a meh release in my opinion. But I'm glad it started out the low prices.

Yea, my list is probably going to start a war with Snow Leopard being at the bottom. But here's my list. Post yours below.