I Want to Project from my Tablet/Laptop to a SmartBoard

I'm going to purchase a 14 inch Sony Vaio Flip PC soon, and I was thinking of all the opportunities of how it could change the way I make presentations (I'm a junior at an IB high school). I realized that since that computer is basically a tablet as well, it would be a good route to make presentations through. I've been searching for a while now, but I can't seem to find an answer: is there a way I could mirror what's on my tablet PC to the SmartBoard in the classroom, similar to AirPlay mirroring, or is that not an option?

This the Sony Vaio Flip 14: http://store.sony.com/vaio-flip-pcs/cat-27-catid-Computers-Convertible-Flip-Series

This is the SmartBoard projector combo we have at our school (if it matters): http://smarttech.com/us/Solutions/Education+Solutions/Products+for+education/Interactive+whiteboards+and+displays/SMART+Board+interactive+whiteboards/600+for+education