What features you want to see in WP8.1 update?

WP8.1 update will be coming in Q1 or early Q2 2014 (May be at build event in April) as per many rumors.

Here are the things(small and large) I want to see in 8.1 update. I am a Lumia 920 user.

My list is large and rightly so because it has been long time since the WP got a big update and they can't afford to trail forever. In my opinion Mango was the best update till now.

  1. Better multitasking like Windows 8 with snap modes and easy way to switch between apps with a flick from left.
  2. Notification centre: There should be a way to access notifications from anywhere even lock screen.
  3. Quick settings to access common settings from anywhere even from lock screen.
  4. Live tiles should be more live: Currently there is a limitation of 30 mins refresh for live tiles. It should be removed or changed to 5 mins. Also, option to have extra large tiles for devices like 1520, 1320.
  5. Search should be like windows 8.1.
  6. Universal share features like windows 8.1
  7. Ability to access the status bar from anywhere (currently it wont work on system apps like music, people, etc.. and most third party apps). Also battery percentage option on status bar and lock screen.
  8. Apps to SD card: This is required because most phones are coming with very less storage and overcomes the other storage issue. People dont mind the small bit of performance hit. Its better than not being able to use apps at all.
  9. VPN
  10. Windows button as notification light.
  11. IE: Ability to go to top of the page without scrolling multiple times.
  12. All the bing features outside US (Really it has been 2 years and no progress in this).
  13. Easier way to create play lists.
  14. Redesigned systems apps like store, music, people, photos etc...(I don't know what way but I feel they can improved a lot).
  15. Reading list app which is available for Windows 8.1 users should come to WP.
  16. Full system backup

Also, they should make the new update available for the users through app studio just like update 3.

Its really frustrating to wait for carriers. Even Nokia taking months to release updates for unlocked devices. I am glad that Microsoft provided a simple way to get update and they should continue that.

So what are the features you want to see in 8.1 update?