What problems will Google Glass solve for consumers.

Yes I'm a apple guy but i do enjoy some of what google has to offer. But one thing i haven't been able to put my finger on is google glass. I don't get it. They look stupid, seems way too intrusive, you seem creepy and most importantly it doesn't seem to solve any real world problems. I do believe wearable technology is the future but right now i don't think google glass is it. I honestly don't think google knows what people will use google glass for. I don't see how its any easier then to just look at your phone. They announced it almost 2 years ago and they still don't know how to promote or market it. When the iPod came out it solved a problem, iPhone solved a problem because smartphones sucked before, iPad solved a problem because it was a simple computer for people. My mother don't even use her laptop anymore because of her iPad. What problems does Google Glass solve. I only see google glass somewhat popular in niche crowds like in some medical, few businesses, cops maybe, and bunch of annoying tech dorks. I don't see the problems it will solve and i think it will fail. Tech like this should be fashionable and this isn't. I honestly believe its the next Segway. Fun to play with but wouldn't go out in public with it. It's already being banned areas before its official release. And people like this idiot Nick Starr aka GlassHole isn't gonna make matters any better