Just got my first ever Windows Phone… Holy ****.

So I did it, I finally did it.

My first ever Windows Phone, the Nokia Lumia 1520, and its HUGE (refrains from making ‘that’s what she said’ joke). After playing around with the Nokia for an hour, my HTC One felt too small for my hands, however this post isn’t so much about the phone itself. This is about the software. This is about Windows.

The whole Windows Phone system is extremely fluid, not once has my phone frozen, not even for a split second. I’ve played around with lower spec Window Phones in the past and they were just as smooth, a remarkable feat by Windows. I’m hoping Windows is planning something amazing for the overcommitted specs of the Nokia Lumia 1520.

The lack of a notification center was felt immediately, it just felt like something was missing. After several days of use I began adapting to this change, realising the system makes up for this with the live tiles. Talking of which, my life, the Home Screen. Live tiles was the Google Now replacement for me (sort of), combined with the inclusion of notifications, all my information was in one place, easily accessible, on the end of my finger tips, just how I like it. Mixed with the ability to customize the size, colour, placement and content of the tiles, I was very much a happy man. The massive 6-inch display does great justice to the UI, resulting in a pretty, vibrant and colourful Home Screen. No complaints here.


THE BIG ONE. The App store. Now I have to admit this is where differences exist, Windows is clearly lacking in this area. Whether it is photography, news or fitness, Windows is lagging way behind iOS and Android (Note I didn’t say games). In my opinion the Xbox games on Windows Phone are the best on any platform. Period. To most, social apps are enough and thankfully Windows kept up. Whatsapp, Vine, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, the social apps I need are all there, some late on arrival, but there nonetheless. YouTube is another story, F**k you Google, F**k you.


Is there a hole in my life from the lack of Apps? Nope. Your average smartphone user probably wouldn't too. Windows are constantly turning pages, they're behind I admit but they're still in the race.

Holy **** i never saw this coming, I've started to fall in love with Windows; it’s like the middle ground between the strict rigid iOS and the extremely free and customizable Android. It’s not perfect, but with the growing App store and constant system tweaks and updates, it has the potential to be.

Proudly inducted into Windows Tribe on the 10th December 2013.

P.S recommend some Apps to me guys.