Thoughts on Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus Review

So I read David Pierce's review on Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus and the comments (comments are always more interesting to read btw).

I noticed that David said the battery life on the laptop is about 5:30 (i dont remember exactly). I have check other tech reviewers and most of the websites that I went on had minimum of 8hours. I checked mobiletechreview, engadget, pcmag, laptopmag, and cnet. Because of this, I think battery life should be measured again or more accurate results. I am personally waiting for anandtech review. I prefer reading reviews on anandtech because they basically test the same things but more scientific and detailed.

Moreover, David tends to compare almost all the review products to Apple products. I do not have any problems on comparing to Apple products because Apple does make great products. However, I think Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus should have been compared to both MBA 13 and rMBP 13. Why? Because I consider this laptop as a combination of rMBP 13 and MBA 13? (MBA size and internals but has higher resolution than rMBP13)

This is what I would have done if I were to review the laptop.

-Compare the weight, size, CPU, graphics and other internals to MBA. (Since ATIV Book 9 has much higher resolution some of the performances are expected to be worse than those of MBA. I think since ATIV Book 9 is an ultrabook, it makes more sense to compare the performance to MBA)

-Compare the screen and possibly the battery life with rMBP 13.

-For the price comparison, I would compare it to rMBP 13 because of the resolution. I know that rMBP CPU has more power but this laptop is lighter and smaller than rMBP. Also, this one has higher resolution than both MBA and rMBP.

These are just personal thoughts. I am not trying to be a fanboy and defend samsung or microsoft. In fact, I own/use both Mac and Windows daily (Mac for home desktop and Windows for school).