Open Letter To The Verge Staff (iOS App)

Dear Staff At The Verge,

First and foremost, thank you for bringing us awesome content for free every day, I appreciate it. It's nice to know some publications and websites still care about their readers.

Now, down to business. I recently walked into a Best Buy (per usual geek routine) in order to just play with gadgets. While at said Best Buy, I decided to pick up and play with a Moto X, Nexus 5, and S4 mini to just see how good ol' Android was doing. So, I spent an hour or two getting to know Kit Kat. In doing so, I downloaded The Verge application on all of them to see the difference.

Now, I usually don't come across this very often, but I really enjoyed the experience on The Verge application for Android. It's nicer, easier to navigate, and cleaner. So, to be frank, is there an ETA on when the iOS counterpart will be updated? Not to say that it isn't satisfactory, it is, but there are some features that I'd love to see. Here's a few of them:

  1. The ability to post to forums from the app and manage said posts (I'd love to manage my comments on the app as well).
  2. Notifications for news in each individual "section" of the app. For example: if I want to keep updated on news that has to due with Apple, I'd receive a push notification each time a story is published. This is just an expansion of your current "follow" feature.
  3. A sub-menu. Doesn't matter to be where it is, but it'd be nice to replace the current bottom navigation menu for a hidden menu (kind of like Android). This is just for extra space since we iPhone users are limited to it.
  4. Push notifications for comments on posts, replies, etc. I know you guys have been working on this for your website, so it'd be pretty cool to see it on mobile as well.
  5. If any feature from here makes it on the app, please let it be this one: being able to swipe the pages back instead of having to push a button. Almost every app I use has this and whenever I use The Verge app I forget that the feature isn't there.
Now obviously the Android app doesn't have any of this features (besides number 3), so this really applies to both ecosystems, but I'm an iOS user, so whatever. So, any updates coming soon? Thanks again for all that you guys do!