5S ,5C and GS4 pushed all devices out of picture in the past 3 months



Well , its an old news already but Its interesting that GS4 and iPhone 5 managed to pull this off because , back in may we heard several rumors about disappointing sales of GS4.

Similarly , we heard about disappointing sales of iPhone 5 (with headlines "Apple cut back orders for iPhone 5") in the start of 2013.

Funny thing is , both iPhone 5 and GS4 managed to be top 5 selling phones even though they were rumored to be "disappointing demand" at the start of year.

Even iPhone 5C had several bad rumors about its sales but managed to pull off one of the top position as well.

I think iPhone 5S did more than excellent right now because even with so much supply constraints , it managed to go to top position.

Meanwhile , no other phone managed to come close to 5S,5C,GS4,5,Note III even after several bad/disappointing rumors these devices had.

I am sure that Worldwide sales also show similar trend because numbers released by Samsung/Apple showed big numbers.


Other Android OEMs are struggling (like HTC,Sony etc.) while Apple/Samsung managed to pass this year excellently even with so many woes and bad press/rumors.

Your thoughts ?