OS X no longer appeals to me

Can Apple just continue with porting core iOS apps onto OS X (are there any left apart from Newsstand?) and maybe iOS-fying core OS X apps like iPhoto into Photos, etc. Apple is indeed unifying both iOS/OSX together at the expense of dumbing down OS X - iWorks for example. Is this what is going to continue happening to OS X?

I have been with a Mac for 6 years now, previously I was using XP on a Thinkpad. I converted to a Mac for two reasons, because one I needed a Mac for creative school ie FCP, Garageband, etc and two I badly needed to upgrade my Thinkpad running XP which I wasn't a fan off. I was exposed to Leopard working at a store and was willing to give it a go instead of Vista, but mind you I hated Tiger and the one click mouses at my school.

The purchase was one of the best decision I ever done, I breezed through my course, generally had not much issues with the computer despite working it extremely hard and it is still working today - just needs a new power adapter. But I never really stopped looking at what is happening with Windows and sometimes I secretly want to return if only for playing games, having a vast library of apps available, and being able to fix my own computer.

You see I don't dual boot and in my personal use, I do not use or need any Microsoft software - I am living in a Apple and Google ecosystem with Apple bringing me the hardware and OS, while Google providing the services, software, and hardware ie Nexus. So further integration with iOS is not something I particularly care about, funny because in 2011 - that was one of the reason why I left iOS for Android.

Having said that, I do use a Windows 7 on a work desktop - but it isn't something I spend the time to learn all the bells and whistles and customising it like I do a personal machine, so obviously my skills on Windows won't be as great as on a Mac.

My goal is to minimize the amount of devices I own, and don't want to live in a ecosystem with more than one desktop OS as I find it redundant. Really want to keep things simple and I think I have achieved a balance between the MBA 11" 2013, PS3, and Nexus 4, but I am wondering if I can simplify it further.

I am considering going Windows on a custom built PC by this time next year for gaming, htpc, and workstation - I think it is a great investment and satisfies all my computing needs - this will replace my MBA 11" 2013 and PS3. For portable I am thinking a phablet and would probably still be with Android because I am happy with the ecosystem, and maybe, just maybe get a LTE Chromebook if I really need it for on the go typing but I doubt it. I will sell everything else.

Alternatively the other option would be to pay AppleCare and extend the support on this MBA11" 2013 and buy a PS4 when the time is right.

Has anyone done this? How has your experience been? Going through every nook and cranny of the web without an antivirus, sharing files between friends, and performing 0 maintenance on my Mac - I guess it has been advantageous using a Mac. I suspect, Windows has improved a lot too, ideally prefer not using a third party antivirus software and just sticking with Essentials/Defender - I am not stupid enough to click on install rotten things but I do fear self installing crap that I may pick up.