Ok...Lets say the Bing Search button is pressed 10 times

How many, out of those 10 times, would be by accident?

I'm going for about 9/10. I press it by mistake all the time. If I pick up my phone from a weird angle, or pass my phone to someone else. I can just tell from the "What just happened" look on their face.

I rarely use the search button, and when I do I always regret it, press the home button, press internet explorer and search with Google instead (I guess I'm just used to Google more than Bing)

The two times I used Local Scout (When I was on a trip in Toronto) it was completely useless. The music search is handy, but I hardly use it. The text and QR/CD/DVD/Book scanner is handy, but once again not really used by me that much.

Hopefully, on screen buttons (which would be awesome if u could swipe them away like you could do to notifications whenever you don't want them around) can fix my ills.