How would you improve iOS?

Hello Apple Core!

How are you today?

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So I have been working on two project recently: Fixing Windows 8 (because it needed some fixing in my opinion) that got published and posted on The Verge and Improving iOS that I am still working on.

Fixing Windows 8 was a bit easier since, well it needed to be fixed; there was some very specific issues and problems with the operating system and the way it worked.

iOS doesn't need to be fixed (thus the Improving monicker) because when you take the time to analyse what iOS is and why it is successful, you start to get the bigger picture.

People trying to "fix" iOS by changing the whole skin, redoing all the icons, adding widgets and sub-menu, moving around elements, etc. does not understand iOS and its users on the first place. The magic of iOS is the fact that it doesn't change. It looks the same for at least 4 years and it works the same since the first day. This way everyone can use and understand the OS, everyone feel relaxed with their phones and tablets because they are sure that it will always work the same way.

This is why my redesign of iOS is extremely light. iOS already got a redesign, so it needs to change the less possible. The more change you bring to iOS in the way it looks and feel, the worst it is. There's very minor icon redesign work except for some key ones

  • Settings didn't mean anything and didn't blend well with the rest of the design.
  • The Camera app is gray when the app is black and black is easier to spot thus making it better when you need to spot the app fast to take a photograph.
  • Game Center used 3D bubbles when the rest of the phone is going for a clean flat style.

A lot of designers hate the way iOS looks, but changing all of it because you are not happy is not a solution. People got used to it, it doesn't look that bad if you take the time to understand to new design philosophy and most important, they need to stop whining about the gradients. I do agree that some gradients are weird on the current version, but people in general like gradients and even Windows 8 which is supposed to be an all flat design uses some minor gradients. For the general population, gradients gives a dimension to their icons and it's actually helpful to them.

Here's the "redesign", tell me what you think about it: Dropbox Link (please keep it here)

So yeah, it doesn't change much, but that's the objective, you want iOS to work the same way and look the same way. iOS is the "stable" OS, when you get iOS you are sure that you are using the simplest to use OS and that you wont get giant surprises.

The rest is practically the same except for some minor alterations. If it ain't broken, don't fix it.

Improving iOS is not transforming it into a Widget nightware of single colored always moving squares. I personally prefer the singled color always moving squares, but iOS doesn't need this. iOS is beautiful and functional in it's simplicity and the so obvious way it works. I'll detail this more in depth in my research once published on my blog

Yep, right here if you skipped the bla bla part!

I am now asking you for your feedback, what would you like to see in iOS. I already have a big idea that I am testing and I need to make sure that iOS stays, looks and works the same way if they do not want to use this feature, yet make it integrated and easy to get to for users who are looking for a little more.

Thanks guys for your help! The Apple Core was great in your feedback about Windows 8, now it's right in your territory!