1020 or....wait?

So I've decided to give up my white Moto x (1week old) as a gift to my old man w/ a case I'll be purchasing for him, he jumped in the water with his old atrix and he's been eyeing the moto x. Now I have an option to get a customized Moto x or the 1020 that I've been eyeing ever since I purchased the sp2 and after taking a few pics with the Moto x and being disappointed. Only apps i really use are on wp so this sudden switch would be mainly for the camera above all else.

Now I'm just stuck between getting the 1020 and using up the upgrade, or getting a $70 off contract 520 and waiting for the 8.1 phones or the nokiaXmicrosoft wp that will undoubtedly be a godsend. Opinions?