Blaise of Treachery? Google poaches Blaise Agüera

The New York Times has reported that Blaise Agüera y Arcas, a Microsoft Distinguished Engineer and Bing Maps head honcho, is going to Google.

Just days ago, Blaise delivered a TED tech demo of the new iteration of Photosynth, a photo stitching technology based on the technology of his previous startup, Seadragon Software, which has acquired by Microsoft in 2006.

I am curious to know, considering he has reportedly been working on augmented reality, wearable computing and NUI projects at various points for MS, whether Microsoft has some form of non-compete agreement in place for high-level, public-facing employees like Blaise in place to hedge themselves against these ostensibly disingenuous strategic hires by Google. His new role at Google in machine learning will be an interesting one to watch as I have always been fascinated by his cool delivery of technical knowledge in his TED talks.

What do you guys think of Google's new hiring? Perfectly innocent, or a treacherous kick in Redmond's balls?

Source: The New York Times