what windows 8 tablet to get

Hey guys I have been doing some research on a tablet to get but there are so many and by so many manufacturers it has been a bit overwhelming. I do have a couple specific questions that i was hoping to get answered. What are the differences between office on RT and office on Pro. I do need office as I use basically use all of its components for my business. I was leaning towards getting a 4g tablet like the nokia 2520, but then I saw that it only comes in the RT version, so if the Office RT is limited I would have to rule that out. That being said does anyone know if any of the tablets would be able to tether onto the internet using my smartphone (note2)?

- Now this tablet is mainly going to be used for work. I am in sales, so office and/or apps for business would be priority 1.

- Price is not so much an issue if I can justify why I need to spend that much etc. I need it to be a tablet and not a laptop because I want to be able to use it while with clients on the go etc.

Through my research it looked like either the nokia 2520 or one of the surfaces (either pro or rt) would be best. Again I am not for sure what the differences are.

Anyone enterprising with a windows tablet? And care to throw in their 2 cents please do.