Notifications, quick settings, cortana, VPN and more coming in WP8.1

Looks like Microsoft is planning a huge update for WP8.1 according to verge.

WP8.1 features

I like the fact that notifications are using the swipe from top gesture, which means we can see (hopefully) better multi tasking (swipe from left).

Summary of the features revealed by Tom:

  • Notifications (full swipe from top)
  • Quick setting (short swipe from top)
  • Cortana (replaces bing search, voice or text input)
  • Separate volume controls,
  • Bing smart search
  • Separate apps for music and video hubs
  • People hub improvements finally

I believe there will be many small features come along with these major ones. I am happy with the above features.

As long as they release the update through app studio like they did with update 3, it will be great. I don't want to wait 3-4 months for Nokia to release updates.

Are you guys happy about these new features in WP8.1?