What Apple devices are really missing

I'm going to do my best here to avoid things that people have regularity complained about on the forums and focus on a couple of things that I hear surprisingly sparsely of or even not at all. For starters, you should know I love my Apple devices. As of right now I have a MacBook Pro, iPad Mini, and an iPhone 5. They're all fantastic, but obviously not each without their pitfalls.

My first suggestion stems from a recent surge in media consumption on my iPad Mini and gaming on my iPhone 5. The speakers are simply, for "top-notch media devices", quite badly designed. No, they're not too quiet or muffled. On the contrary, they're among the two loudest mobile devices around and have very crisp sound for what it's worth. The problem is that they're looking the wrong way. I have two ears, and I'd love to have the audio balanced on each side as opposed to centralized on one side.

It seems that both these devices champion form over function. The speaker grills are very clean and industrial, they look awesome on the underside of both devices; But what is the point if I can't enjoy the audio properly? I don't think anyone should agree that bottom mounted speakers are the most efficient and versatile option.

What do I want? I want to see some speakers mounted on the front of my devices so that the audio is always directed towards my ears, and not facing off towards the distance. I can constantly hear the audio clearly in one ear and very lightly in the other. Personally, this really messes with my head while listening for long periods of time. I've taken to using headphones even when I'd be much more comfortable using the speakers - if they were front-facing.