HP omni 10, does anyone have it ?

I'm looking to buy a full windows 10" tablet, I did a bit of reaserch and apparently the only baytrail tablets that fit my budget (under £500) are Asus transformer book t100 and HP Omni 10.

Specs wise, the omni 10 is better than the Asus on every front, except the KB which is not a deal breaker as I already have a BT KB and mouse.

The problem is i find that the HP lunch of Omni 10 seems very weak, and that is somewhat concerning me as a customer. HP doent seem to be promoting the product, and it's only availble through Currys. There are no in-depyh technical reviews on the internet that I can find.

I don't want to buy a tablet and two months later the manufacturer stops updating drivers and stuff, and I'd rather buy Surface 2 than the T100.