Nexus 7 help

I have nexus 7 2012 16gb that has been working great up until yesterday. Now whenever i try to go to Settings>Apps the devices freezes and reboots. This freeze and reboot also happens when I launch Moon+ Reader. It also happen when using chrome, but it allows me to surf for short while. I have tried to do a factory reset through Settings>Backup&Reset>Factory Data Reset, but when it shuts down and reboots it just say no command with an android logo. I also tried to factory reset by the alternate method listed here (, but it goes to same no command screen. Also anytime I reboot it it reverts back to a previous state (meaning any file deleted before the reboot will be restored and any app update or new app installs will be removed).I bought this in Oct 2012 so I'm out of the warranty period and would really appreciate any suggestion anyone has for fixing this, it is really frustrating.