I need help, I need to find myself

More specifically, I need to find others who have been gifted similar tastes to myself.

I want to find a site where my preferences, and that of everyone else are cataloged and can be matched against others. You see this with dating sites like ok cupid, you get a score based on the questions you answer, but there does not seem to be that same thing done for taste and preferences in general.

Why do I want to bother? I'll give you a practical example. There is a site out there called library thing, where you can list books you have read and presumably enjoyed. You can also see others book lists and what they rated highly and enjoyed. The people you find that have a good number of the same books that YOU have read and enjoyed are more likely to have similar tastes. I've gotten some good leads on books I'd never heard of by browsing the books read of people with similar taste to my own.

Now how about expanding that out beyond just books, music, tv, film, apps, sites, podcasts, etc. This is like the network holy grail of shared interests. I need to find myself, or as close to myself as I can, because THAT person has a taste profile so immaculate and perfect, that it will lead me to the promised land of content.

Does such a forum currently exist?