"Misunderstood". Another proof that the critics are indeed misunderstanding Apple.

What could have been:

- Improved iSight camera with better low-light performance

- A7 chip with an all-new ISP

- AirPlay with Apple TV (which I think they should have shown in the ad, btw)

Turned into:

Apple TV ad - Misunderstood

I am at loss for words. After countless criticism about Apple not being innovative and revolutionary anymore, the only way Apple seems to reply is to prove everyone that all it cares is the customer, and how much they care about the user experience.

You may call it great marketing. I see it as more than just a great ad. It almost encompasses what Apple's about. It doesn't matter whether Apple products are perfect or better than everyone else's. All it matters is that they care about the user more than anyone. And I feel it at every aspect of using their products. That's why I love Apple.