iOS game controllers for iPad... Where are you?

I have to admit I was quite blown away, when I first heard, that iOS 7 supports game controllers natively... And to be fair I still am. Nevertheless I am still waiting for a controller, that can really live up to my expectations.

As of today, I understand, that there are two controllers out there. The Moga ACE POWER and the Logitech PowerShell.

Both of them are about a hundred bucks, and neither of them is great, as far as I've heard. The Moga can transform into a smaller controller, if you don't put the phone in the middle, but it doesn't support Bluetooth, and therefore it doesn't support the iPad. The Logitech can't "shrink" at all, and also only uses the "reduced" button layout, which makes it an apparently even worse choice.



The Moga ACE POWER - it's shrinkable but without Bluetooth



The Logitech PowerShell. The design seems to be slightly more stable, but it's still the "wide" design, and it doesn't support Bluetooth.

What are my expectations?

My "dream controller" needs to be sturdy, nice to hold (the non wide layout, as shown below), and abled to connect to my iPad via Bluetooth.



So my question is: Is there a great Mfi controller coming up? The number of games supporting these controllers is growing quickly, and I'd love to make use of it.