A More Logical Comparison

I've seen many people on YouTube comparing the Surface Pro 2 with the iPad Air, but I have yet to see someone compare it to its true & most logical competitor, the MacBook Air 11. The Surface Pro 2 was built with the intention of being used as an Ultrabook, not a tablet. It has tablet functionality, but Microsoft is really shooting to make it a true Laptop replacement. The iPad Air is all tablet; the comparison between it and the Surface 2 makes perfect sense, but to attempt to match it up against a full computer makes no sense @ all.

On the other hand the MacBook Air 11 is also a full computer that is meant to be portable so putting these two products against each other is a no brainer. I wonder why I've seen almost no one make this video comparison, and even more why CNET didn't make this a "Prize Fight". Things that make you go hhhmmmm!

If any of you know of a video like this let me know, and what do you all think of this comparison.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 or Apple MacBook Air 11