Something Disturbing Just Happened!

My wife and I often laugh about a particular lamp and shade that we see on ESPN's, PTI program. It is a woman's leg, below the knee, wearing heels, fishnet stockings with a frilly lampshade. Two weeks ago I was in Walgreens and there was a display of these lamps, so I took out my Nexus 5 and took a photo of them and attached the photo to an MMS and sent it to my wife. A few days later, I deleted the photo from my phone and from the photo section of Google+.

Today I called Amazon customer service about an issue with my account. I few minute's later I received the "How did we do" e-mail from Amazon. Attached to the e-mail was an ad for the lamp. It had a hot link to the item on Amazon and it was under the heading: "Related to your Google+ page". Now, I would like to know from someone if Amazon has access to the trash bin on my Google+ page, or, is Google selling pictures I take to advertisers for ad revenue.

This is the most outrageous invasion of personal privacy I have ever experienced. My Google+ page is private. I do not post there for fear of just this sort of thing. HEY GOOGLE F*** OFF.