The One Major thing Microsoft Needed to Include with Surface to make it Amazing

The Pen.

I get why they couldn't use the pen technology with the original surface. When I was buying my Samsung Ativ 700 I compared the lower end version Atom processor and it was a no go. Even at the much cheaper price. For me the pen is that important.

Why do I bring up the fact that the Surface doesn't include one and why that is a travesty? Well I was teaching a student that comes to me for Organic Chemistry and she surprised me one day. First a little background. When I teach my class sessions I use my Table PC and OneNote to act as a white board. I get students that come up to me all of the time and say "wow that's so cool what computer is that." And then I tell them and they always say they want to get one.

Well, during finals week when I was tutoring a student mentioned earlier she has a tablet... and a pen... And she was writing on her table with it... But it wasn't a Table PC with Windows 8.1 but rather an Android Samsung device with an S Pen...

I commented and said oh wow that's cool how do you like it. Her reply was well I like that you can write with it but I wish I had OneNote. I know that's what you use but they don't have that for this device. The windows device was too expensive.

I couldn't say anything. The device she purchase was around $250 - $300. I just thought to myself why doesn't Microsoft see things like this?

I can tell you right now that if Surface 3 had a pen and the price was entry level $350 it would sell off the shelf for students. Maybe make it 399 with a 2 year Student Office subscription. Or 449 with a 4 year subscription. Students want it and it is the better option but not the Pro $1000 option. That isn't for students with $1000 text book costs.

Come on Microsoft the opportunity is in front of you.