Retina Macbook Pro storage issues - how do you manage?

I'm considering finally pulling the trigger and switching to a Macbook. I've wanted to do so for a while and price was really my only issue. The problem is the new Macbook Pros (and Airs, for that matter), have extremely low storage. I get that SSD drives are superior, but I have no idea how so many people are seemingly able to survive day-to-day use with 128GB. I've got a fairly big photo and music library that's always growing, and it sounds I'd lose some of the benefits of a SSD if I had to cart around an external hard drive for my media (not to mention what a pain that would be.)

Anyway, enough rambling context, what I wanted to know is how are people managing this? My music library is roughly 60GB and my picture library is about 40GB, and I severely doubt I'm the only one here with an interest in music who owns a DSLR.