iPad 2 to iPad Air Upgrade?

i've had an ipad 2 since winter 2011. now its winter 2013. my ipad works fine, nothing is wrong with it. 16Gb is still sufficient for me. but the only thing that i could use as an upgrade is the retina display and a new chip. and the upgraded camera.

Compared to the ipad air, my ipad 2 display is NOT sharp and clear, and the A5 chip is no slouch, but with these new apps, it is starting to show its age. and i cannot take ANY pics with either of the ipad 2 camera because they SUCK. the rear cam is .7 MP, the front is like what .3? the ipad air has 1.2 front and 5 back. that is waaay better.

so should i get the ipad air now? or keep my ipad 2 and possible get a new ipad next year?

also, i am thinking of getting an iphone 5s from my 4s in feb. 2014.

help is appreciated