What is the best way to capture the moment while being a participant in that moment? Baby's first Christmas

In the upcoming days it will be my first Christmas as a father. I have a 6 month old baby girl and I really want to document her first Christmas as best I can but without being stuck behind a camera the whole time. I have several different devices at my disposal including Muku Shuttr, couple tripods, iPads, Smartphones, Point-n-shoots, hand-me-down SD (eh) camcorder, IP security cameras (low framerate tried these last year's Christmas with little usable footage but a several good casual still shots were had that I would have not gotten otherwise)

I have been debating getting a GoPro but hasn't quite fit into the budget just yet. Most of the iPads (2 - iPad 2, 1 iPad 3, 1 iPad 4) and different smartphones are for work for supporting our different mobile apps.

Thanks in advance for your help.