Who says the typical 16:9 aspect ratio of Windows machines is horrible?

Especially when the MacBook Air 11" has a 23:10 aspect ratio, according to CNET.
MBA resolution is super awesome!

LOL! I'm not sure how this could have happened unintentionally. I would understand if they listed the resolution as 1466 or 1266 pixels across, since it could be explained away as somebody mistyping the figure, but 1766?

It's odd that they would say this:

"The Surface Pro 2 has a 10.6-inch display with a native resolution of 1,920x1,080 pixels, which is what we'd expect from a laptop or tablet in this price range."

while completely ignoring the fact that 1366x768 resolution of MBA doesn't even come close. If they're going to blow off the resolution of the SP2 as "expected", they lose any journalistic credibility by failing to mention that the resolution of the MBA is worse than what should be expected of notebooks in that price range. Of course, if the MBA truly had 1766 pixels across, this glaring omission wouldn't be questioned.

The funny thing is saw only 1 person questioning this in the comments, but another poster replied to the OP, stating that the OP was wrong and that CNET was correct.

I'm not sure whom I have less respect for now--CNET for either making such a blatant error or purposefully trying to mislead its readers or its readership for not calling CNET out on this discrepancy.