I am having a Tolpolsky moment about "Smartwatches" Why the HELL do they look like watches?

Sometimes I feel Verge cast complains too much about tech items but then it again a lot of it is true to the point so...

One thing that has me screaming, WHAT THE.... is this burning question.

Why do "smartwatches" have to look like old ass wrist watches?

Why? LOL, it is stupid. They are trying to take the screen of an old watch and put bounds and bounds of information on that one inch x one inch screen. PLEASE VERGE CAST MAKE IT STOP. I know you guys can give a good rant so please address this issue.

Not everyone is guilty of it but most are.


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I hate all of these and I would never wear them. Imagine if we kept the flip phone idea for smartphones how silly and annoying that would be.

But alas like I mentioned previously these examples are not the only ones. In fact there are many smartwatches that are more practical in my opinion and much more fashionable to wear. I could get excited by some of these designs to be sure.

In general the first RULE of making a smartwatch is be smart about the wrist and viewable screen area. The screen should wrap around the wrist enough to show information on a large enough screen without taking over curvatures of the wrist.

First, let me bring you to the most ridiculous smartwatch concept I could find. I actually kind of like the styling but wish it was a little smaller and overwhelming on the wrist.

What I do like about the concept is that they use the watch to be a wallet and a nutritional tracker from the things you purchase. This, enough into the future, could be very possible. Never thought of it before.



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And the concept video is a must watch. You thought Jeff Bezos and Amazon's drone wars were funny. Check this out.

EmoPulse Smile, Best Smartwatch So Far (via SmartWatchNews)

Now from what I see I deplore the OS on this thing and it likes like something harking from the Windows Mobile days. Just too much and not anything near approaching the word simplicity.

However, I do like the added features that aren't smartphone so much as something practical you could put on your wrist and actually use.

Another good design but no where near the needed OS functionality is the Nike Fuel Band. I dig the full banded wrist screen concept. I don't know what you call it but it needs to be this and not a replica of an age old wrist watch which is what so many seem to be going after including Samsung. Bad Samsung bad.

Here is one from Nissan that in many ways, to me, gets the design and styling correct but who knows about OS which is the other half of this 50 50 equation.


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Another device that has received press as of late is this concept device produced by none other than "FoxConn" yep even the manufacturer of your iProducts is getting in on the action.


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Foxconn beats Apple, unveils a smartwatch compatible with the iPhone (via BGRIndia)

Well, the prospects look not so good and hopefully someone can come up with something that I would want to wear and can be stylish all in the same breath. None of these traditional looking devices, except for the two listed, do it for me...

They're just all "squares."

What do you think and do you have a favorite smartwatch design that you are rooting for to come to market?