Surface Pro 2 - Unreliable?

I've just sent my SP2 back to Microsoft because it stopped working - out of nowhere (no warning signs of any sort) it simply wouldn't turn itself back on.

I've never had a premium laptop die on me after a week before but I chalked it down to bad luck and was going to order another when a conversation with the MS rep who is dealing with my case gave me pause (well, that and I'm not entirely sure I want to spend 2 years with a 16:9 tablet). She said they had seen a large number of returns with this issue.

I'm not especially hard on my devices (it wasn't knocked and was kept in a case and solid bag) and I've never had a laptop just die on me this quickly before.

So, was I just unlucky or is there some sort of wider power problem with the SP2? I'd love to hear your experiences.