Project Ara Renders



As you all know Project Ara and Phoneblocks have been shaking things up in the mobile realms for a few months now. At first, when talking to Phoneblocks, I didn't believe it could be done. The concept was too far fetched. It had to be made realistic. When Motorola revealed Project Ara I was blown away. The idea made more sense, this was something that could not only be manufactured easily, but revolutionize what it means to be a smartphone.

With project Ara the possibilities are endless. I wanted to share a few designs I created with the people who know smartphones best. This is beginning to look like something that we could see next year, easily manufacturable with today's technology. The tough part is the software. I want to hear the communities thoughts! Here's an article I wrote in my blog.



A more conceptual idea from about a moth back: I really like the idea of Verizon being a block you can quickly change out. I'd swap it with a wifi repeater.



More renders on my site soon. The top is only the first one. I want to experiment with colors and anodized finishes. Comment any thoughts and opinions! The community can design the best phone in the world, and it all starts with our ideas.