All Platforms Vs

StatCounter have updated their website to include a combination metrical view of their data - now you can see desktop and mobile use from all platforms in a single view. It should be noted that StatCounter has over 3 million trackers globally to come up with this data, currently the biggest. This isn't based on sales of units, having said that - who buys a device today and doesn't browse on it? So this form of analytics is still pretty accurate.

What interests me is iOS and Android devices have overtaken Windows 8 devices, and Windows 8 is currently on par with Mac OS X - 5.94% vs 5.9% - yes, yes all Mac versions vs 1 versions of Windows - but that isn't the concern, the concern is Windows 8's marketshare of Windows 8 is stagnating. The defacto upgrade root for XP and 7 users are 8 but we aren't seeing that trend here, what we are seeing are those legacy Windows user buying iOS, Android, and Mac devices.

Yes this doesn't come as a surprise, it is the whole reason why the PC industry is in trouble, it is just interesting that despite Microsoft's efforts in trying to adapt Windows into a mobile/touch eccentric operating system - things aren't changing apart from a 5.94% marketshare that doesn't look like its growing.

Note: I will be posting this on Plex, Core, and Tribe so I apologize for cross forum members seeing double post - just wanted to share and hear the thoughts from each group since many remain exclusive.